Ideal Clients for Auto Glass Marketing Experts

We know from experience that we get the best results for clients that have many of these key attributes.  Carefully read through the list and see if you match any of these ideal client attributes:

Ideal Client Attributes:

  • You have a good service and people enjoy buying from you.
  • You want to be the market leader in your marketplace.
  • You have a clear unique selling proposition.
  • You have some traffic to your website now.
  • You have a reasonable website that is searchable to some degree in Google.
  • You want to work with an online strategy partner to grow your business online.
  • You already implement at least 2 other marketing strategies in your business.
  • You have a budget to invest in your online marketing.
  • You are prepared to invest at least $1,000 per month in your online marketing.
  • You are prepared to invest at least 12 months in your online marketing.
  • You are prepared to help us help you.
  • You are the decision maker in your business and can take action.

If you match these attributes and you really want your business to succeed online, please CLICK HERE to complete the Marketing Assessment Form and we will get started helping you get more customers online.


Non-Ideal Client Attributes:

  • Price is the BIGGEST factor in your decision making process.
  • You always pay your suppliers slowly.
  • Your website was built on the cheap and hardly gets any traffic.
  • You see marketing as an expense and not as an investment for client acquisition.
  • You only have one marketing strategy running at any one time.
  • You want results yesterday, but not prepared to think strategically about your business.
  • You provide poor service and always look to cut corners.
  • You see online marketing as a passing fad.
  • You’re not prepared to complete our Marketing questionnaire.
  • Paying us would really stretch your business to the edge.

If you have any of these non-ideal client attributes, please DO NOT complete our forms.